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Property Condition Assessments: The Name That Has Set The Standard For Over 25 Years.

The Mission of Our Architectural Firm

For more than 18 years, the staff at PROPERTY CONDITION ASSESSMENT, LLC has been working hard to provide our commercial clients with the finest in due diligence and engineering consulting services. With a great depth of experience, our team is capable of guiding you towards the best real estate investments for your business. We have a rich history of working with large transactions, which means we understand exactly what to look for when you are investing in a new property.

The Top-Tier of Architectural & Engineering Consulting

Working above and beyond lender-level assessments, our architectural and engineering firm is the team you need to call when you are looking for the most accurate and thorough information about a property you are looking to potential buy or sell. While banks and mortgage lenders might provide you with a rough idea of the condition of an investment property, our specialists are ready to do the hard work to give you the complete picture.

With a large portfolio of more than 25 years of due diligence and transactional experience, our team has built a reputation for itself and our ability to provide you with consulting services that are second-to-none. Speak with us today to learn why so much of our clientele come from top-tier businesses and corporations that are the cream of the crop in their market.

Contact us in Park City, Utah, to learn more about our company and how we are striving to provide you with the very best in due diligence services.